Assistance to victims of the earthquake in Turkey
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The Orthodox community helps the victims of the earthquake in Turkey: what is happening there and how to support

Clergy and parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church in Turkey continue to provide assistance to victims of the earthquake in Antakya (Hatay province). After the tremors on February 6 and 20, almost 80% of buildings were destroyed there.

Now in Antakya, one of the most affected regions of the country, people do not have enough drinking water, food and medicines.

"Many live in tents provided by the government of Turkey and other countries. Only the tent stands out, there are no beds or beds inside. There is also nowhere to wash things, so clothes quickly fall into disrepair. But electrics have been carried out to some facilities, so now washing machines and showers are very much needed there. Medications are also needed, especially insulin. In addition, special clothes are needed for a child with hydrocephalus," he saidМилосердию.ги " Priest Alexey Golovin, responsible for the care of the Russian-speaking flock in the Antalya region.

Orthodox parishes in Istanbul, Antalya and Alanya immediately after the earthquake organized charity collections for the victims in Antakya – sets of bed linen and blankets, clothes and shoes, hygiene products and products.

"When you read the news, it may seem that an earthquake is a "one–time" disaster: it happened once, and then people help each other. In fact, the situation is much scarier. At night, you have to sleep on the street, fearing new tremors. People need medical help. Volunteers and I are making rounds of patients: recently we gave the baby injections for pneumonia, many people need bandaging. We also need help sorting medicines, there is a lot of work in the storage warehouse. And you also need to play with children whose parents or relatives died under the rubble," said Svetlana Menshikova, a parishioner of the church in Antalya.

For several weeks Svetlana has been working as a volunteer in the destroyed Antakya. Thanks to volunteer organizations, she managed to deliver humanitarian aid collected in churches to the scene of the tragedy. According to the latest data, the earthquake in Turkey, the first shock of which occurred on February 6 and followed by others, claimed the lives of 50,096 people.

Those wishing to provide all possible assistance to the victims in the Antakya region are asked to contact by phone:

Priest Georgy Sergeyev, WhatsApp +7 (916) 322-79-14 (responsible for the organization of the care of the flock of the Russian Orthodox Church in the territory of the Republic of Turkey, Istanbul);

Priest Alexey Golovin +90 (535) 663-72-35 (Antalya);

Priest Dmitry Bogatyr +90 (541) 154-88-58 (Alanya).

Photos from the archive of the sacred. Alexey Golovin