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Information about the external relations of the Russian Church is now available in 10 languages

It will inform readers about the external activities of the Russian Orthodox Church in ten languages [new information and analytical portal] (, which became effective on February 1, 2021.

The new Internet resource was created with the assistance of the Foundation for the Support of Christian Culture and Heritage.

Russian Russian Orthodox Church, inter-Christian and inter-Religious relations, the interaction of the Moscow Patriarchate with interstate institutions, international non-governmental organizations, as well as government bodies, public and inter-religious associations, work with compatriots in the far abroad, the life of foreign missions, farmsteads, monasteries and Stavropol parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Old Believers ' parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church and relations with the Old Believers.

Another important topic covered by the portal is the situation with the Ukrainian schism and the situation of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The site will regularly publish analytical materials written specifically for the portal by reputable scientists and publicists. Important issues are also addressed in the videos posted on the portal.

The editorial offices of the sections in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Greek, German, French, Italian, Serbian, Romanian, Arabic are ready to provide their audience with a full range of multimedia content.