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A translation of the book "The Rights of Churches and the Unity of the Church" of the Gregoriat Athos Monastery has been published

The publishing house "Cognition" has published a translation of the book "The Rights of Churches and the Unity of the Church" of the Athos monastery Gregoriat. The book is a collection of texts devoted to the most urgent issue for Orthodoxy — the unity of the Church.

The unilateral granting of autocephaly to schismatic groups without obtaining the prior consent of all Local Churches plunges many Orthodox believers into deep confusion. And the biggest concern is the possibility of deep division and division. Serious pastoral problems are already arising in the parishes of the Orthodox Diaspora, as well as on Mount Athos.

The writing of this book was caused by love for the Church and a sense of anxiety for her. This is a "call for unity" at a time when its unity is in danger because of the so-called Ukrainian issue.

The publication, prepared by the Publishing House "Cognition" in cooperation with the Foundation for the Support of Christian Culture and Heritage, is a continuation of a series of books devoted to international and inter-Orthodox relations. Russian Russian Orthodox Church - "Relations between the Serbian and Russian Orthodox Churches on the basis of documents from Russian Archives"; Monk Seraphim (Zisis) (Greek Orthodox Church) — "The Father's Inner-Troic Monarchy and the Newly-born monarch of the Ecclesiology of Phanar"; A.Y. Hoshev — "The Russian Church and the Collapse of Yugoslavia"; P.V. Kuzenkov — "The Primacy of Constantinople. Facts versus myths", etc.