Assistance to the Orthodox school in Marjaayun

The Foundation for the Support of Christian Culture and Heritage provided assistance in financing the activities of an Orthodox school in Marjaayoun (Lebanon) in terms of paying previously delayed salaries to teachers and employees of the educational institution.

The Orthodox school was founded in the middle of the XIX century, has the following divisions: kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. In 1900, the construction of the building began, which is still used today, at the expense of the personal funds of the pious local population, as well as with the support of the tsarist Russian Empire, which helped in many ways (by purchasing equipment, allocating salaries to teachers, providing students with the necessary textbooks, stationery). It was from that moment until the beginning of the October Revolution of 1917 that the school was known as the "Moscow school", having a reference to Moscow – the capital of tsarist Russia. Subsequently, the Orthodox school in Marjaayun was repeatedly seriously damaged due to many events and stopped carrying out its mission, but each time it returned to its educational activities again and again.

At the moment, there are 124 students studying at the school, mainly from poor families; there are 22 teachers working at the school. In order not to deprive children of the opportunity to receive secondary education, the school management decided to reduce the cost of education, which seriously affected the school budget — teachers and employees were kept their salaries for 6 months.

Taking into account the importance of preserving the Orthodox presence in Lebanon and in order to maintain the continuity of the traditions of the Orthodox school, the Foundation decided to provide financial support.