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The Serbian Patriarch pointed out the relevance of the multilingual news video program created by the DECR

The topic of the church's presence in the media space was touched upon by His Holiness Patriarch Porfiry of Serbia in an interview with the Russian magazine International Life. "The duty of the Church is to monitor the development of the media and adapt its mission according to the format and method of presentation to the new conditions: to preach Christ crucified and Resurrected," the Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church believes.

Pointing to the absence of borders in the digital world, His Holiness mentioned that some time ago he saw "a very entertaining program that the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate distributes on social networks in Serbian."

Video releases of the Orthodox View program are regularly published in Russian, English, Serbian, Greek and Arabic.

"The program is instructive, thoughtful and meets the preferences of a certain part of the population. It is interesting because it also pays attention to some borderline phenomena," His Holiness Patriarch Porfiry stated.

He noted: "In our Church, in addition to other educational and missionary tasks, we are just building a media system that should meet the search for a modern person surrounded by social networks. So the broadcast that the sister Church has made in our language is a precious pointer: what should be paid attention to when determining the content and nature of programs."