Children's creativity contest "Easter Miracle — 2022"
Automatic translation of the record is corrected by the author

The IX International Children's Drawing Contest "Easter Miracle" has ended in Turkey

The Solzhenitsyn Society for the Study of the Russian Language and Culture (Izmir, Republic of Turkey), with the support of Priest Georgy Sergeyev, responsible for the care of the faithful of the Moscow Patriarchate in the territory of the Republic of Turkey, held an international children's creativity contest "Easter Miracle — 2022". The event has been held since 2013.

120 children and teenagers from 5 to 17 years old from Turkey, Russia, the USA, South Korea, China, Ukraine, as well as the Donetsk People's Republic took part in the competition. The participants were divided into four age groups.

The winners received valuable prizes and gifts; the organizers highlighted the works of children from Gorlovka (DPR), who, despite all the difficulties, were able to take part in the competition.

On the official website of the contest, you can find its [results] (победители-пч-2022 /).