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A translation of the work "The Father's Intra-Troic Monarchy and the Newly-born Monarch of the Fanar Ecclesiology" has been published

A translation of the work "The Father's Inner-Troic Monarchy and the newly-born monarch of the Ecclesiology of Phanar", dedicated to the internal structure of the Church, has been published. The publication is based on the report of Monk Seraphim (Zisis), presented at the conference "Ukrainian autocephaly and the new ecclesiology of Phanar" in Thessaloniki on June 22, 2019. After more than two years, this report has not lost its relevance.

The author highlights the little-known facts of the strict attitude of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to the exarchate of the Jerusalem Patriarchate in Australia. This becomes a kind of prelude to the situation, which consists in a significant excess by the hierarch, who considers himself "first" not only in honor, but also in power, of his rights in world Orthodoxy.

In the book, Monk Seraphim points out that the very idea of a "Universal First Hierarch" is based "on the deliberate and skillful distortion of such a theological concept as the unity of command (monarchy) of God the Father in the Holy Trinity." Refuting this idea, he reveals the meaning of the principle of the "beginning" in the Holy Trinity and the equality of the Three Hypostases in the incomprehensible Divine unity.

Next, the author proceeds to the presentation of the conciliar foundations of the Orthodox teaching on the organization of the Church: based on the fact that the Ecumenical or Local Council are the highest organs of church administration, the Primate of a particular Church cannot appropriate a special authority. The example of the Pope shows how the distortion of this principle led to certain deplorable results, which have not been corrected to this day.

The Ecumenical Patriarchate's decision to restore the Ukrainian schismatics without repentance on their part and without jurisdictional rights became another significant milestone in the formation and strengthening of Constantinople's inflated ideas about the "primacy of honor and power." This decision was an excellent confirmation of the danger of using such a theological approach in practice for church unity and purity of faith and, on the contrary, the importance of the principle of equality of Local Churches and the conciliar principle in the Universal Church, the head of which is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The book, prepared by the Publishing House "Cognition" in cooperation with the Foundation for the Support of Christian Culture and Heritage, was published in the series "For the Unity of the Church", dedicated to the modern Ukrainian church issue. Russian Russian Orthodox Churches on the basis of Documents from Russian Archives by Bishop Antony (Pantelic) of Moravici (Serbian Orthodox Church), The Russian Church and the Breakup of Yugoslavia by A.Y. Hoshev, The Primacy of Constantinople are among the authors of the next publications. Facts against myths– - P.V. Kuzenkov et al.