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A Russian translation of the book of the hierarch of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus on the Ukrainian Church question has been published

The book "The Modern Ukrainian Question and its resolution according to the Divine and Sacred Canons", dedicated to the church schism in Ukraine, has been published in Russian. Its author is Metropolitan Nikephoros of Kykkos and Tillyria – one of the most honored and authoritative hierarchs of the Cypriot Orthodox Church, hegumen of the ancient and glorious Kykkos monastery, revered not only in Cyprus, but throughout the Orthodox world.

In his work, the author explains to readers the main aspects of the Ukrainian question, analyzing them from the point of view of the canons and Traditions of the Orthodox Church, as well as answering the question of whether by right or by mistake Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople was granted "autocephaly" to a group of Ukrainian schismatics.

On the pages of the book, Metropolitan Nikifor shares with readers his reflections on the duty of the archpastor to his flock and the Church, professes loyalty to Holy Orthodoxy, expresses concern about his fate, refutes the errors of his opponents in a Christian spirit of meekness and defends his own beliefs with reasoned arguments.

The publication, carried out by the Publishing House "Cognition" in cooperation with the Foundation for the Support of Christian Culture and Heritage, is the first in a series of ten books devoted to the topic of the Ukrainian schism. Among the authors of the nearest publications are Metropolitan Daniel of Vidin (Bulgarian Orthodox Church), Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus (Greek Orthodox Church) and others. All these works are devoted to various aspects of the Ukrainian church problem and are aimed at helping readers to form an objective idea of its causes and possible consequences.