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A book by the Byzantine historian P.V. Kuzenkov devoted to the problem of modern inter-church relations has been published

The publishing house "Cognition" in cooperation with the Foundation for the Support of Christian Culture and Heritage has published the book "The Primacy of Constantinople. Facts against Myths", dedicated to the problem of modern inter-church relations. The author is the Byzantine historian P.V. Kuzenkov.

The book gives an idea of the policy of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which claims to have an exceptional status among the Orthodox Local Churches. Based on the historical and canonical analysis, the author demonstrates the unfounded claims of the Phanar to the special rights of the "leader of world Orthodoxy", their contradiction to the spirit and letter of the canons, as well as the system of church organization ascending to Christ and the apostles.

The publication examines the most important topics that have arisen within the framework of the current discussion around the ideology of "Phanar Orthodoxy", for example, the doctrine of the Church (ecclesiology), which Phanar is trying to make pan-Orthodox and which was theologically justified at the so-called Great and Holy Council organized in Crete in 2016.

Essays devoted to such concepts as ecumenism, pentarchy and diptychs give an excursion into church antiquity and canon law and allow us to form a clear idea of the different interpretation of these terms in the ideology of the Phanar and in the theology of the True Church.

The book also provides an answer to a specific question about the so-called stauropegia that arose during Patriarch Bartholomew's church intervention in Ukraine.

In today's realities, P.V. Kuzenkov's book is especially important, since it is an accessible to a wide audience and at the same time a deeply professional explanation of the phenomena of modern church life.