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A book by Archpriest Andrey Novikov dedicated to the problem of the church schism in Ukraine has been published

A book by Archpriest Andrey Novikov, a member of the Synodal Biblical and Theological Commission, "The Russian Church on Guard of Orthodoxy in the XXI Century" has been published. The publication is devoted to the analysis of the situation that has developed in recent years in world Orthodoxy due to the aggressive attempts of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to impose a new ecclesiology on Local Churches, assuming the special rights of the Ecumenical Patriarch.

The author, a well-known Orthodox publicist and specialist in the field of church history and canon law, consistently defends the ancient church-canonical tradition, opposing the newly-appeared theorists and practitioners of "Eastern papism".

The publication, prepared by the Publishing House "Cognition" in cooperation with the Foundation for the Support of Christian Culture and Heritage, is a continuation of the series of books "For the Unity of the Church" dedicated to international and inter-Orthodox relations. Russian Russian Orthodox Churches on the basis of Documents from the Russian Archives" by Bishop Anthony of Moravici (Serbian Orthodox Church), "The Father's Inner-Troic Monarchy and the Newly-Revealed Monarch of the Ecclesiology of Phanar" by Monk Seraphim (Zisis) (Greek Orthodox Church), "The Russian Church and the Collapse of Yugoslavia" by A.Y. Hoshev, "The Primacy of Constantinople. Facts against myths" by P.V. Kuzenkova et al.